Dominant Race: Arthenn (extinct)
Human (colonized)
Affiliation: Terran Federation
Capital City: Madison
Population: 4.5 billion
Habitability: Temperate climate,
Oxygen/nitrogen atmosphere,
1 standard gravity,
Satellites: 3 (Concordia, Ottawa, Beliot)
Star: Naboo
Star System: Naboo system

Naboo is a Terran Federation colony world.


Naboo was discovered during the Great Breakout by the explorer ship SS Normandy.

Surveys of the planet revealed that Naboo is rich in resources and has good soil for planting. This made Naboo an ideal candidate for colonization, with the colony ship SS Bradford being sent to colonize the planet a few months later. Naboo was originally meant to be a pioneer and resupply colony. However, the many colonists on Naboo established new industries from farming to mining. Soon, the planet formed its own baseball, football, basketball and hockey leagues. This led to Naboo becoming a prosperous Staple colony within a few years.

Following the Scoodian War, Naboo became home to refugees from many destroyed worlds.


Bodies of waterEdit


Points of InterestEdit


Natural HistoryEdit

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