Seal of the Nihydron Star Republic
Nihydron Star Republic
Form of Government: Oligarchic Republic
Leader (Title): Consul
Governing Body: Senate
Homeworld: Nihydro II
Race(s): Nihydron
Bratan (subjugated)
Altoran (protectorate)
Hur'q (protectorate)
Colonies: New Nihydro
Veltu (seceded)
Almak Prime
Movar IV
Talok IX
Veytahn (originally Scoodian)
Barat (protectorate)
Altor IV (protectorate)
Allies: Terran Federation
Mawasi Empire

The Nihydron Star Republic is the official government of the Nihydron species and its colonies.


The head of state is known as the Consul and the head of government is known as the Praetor. The representative body is known as the Senate.

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